NutraStem Active Nutritional Supplement with Stem Cell Support


Nutritional Supplements for Runners

A Lifesaver for Runners

"NutraStem Active® is a lifesaver for those of us who want to continue to run or perform at a level that is much less than our stated age. I ran my best half marathon in ten years on less training with no difference other than NutraStem Active®. Most importantly, recovery was easier and less painful. Great job...keep up the good work!"
- S. Klasko

Contributed to Recovery Time

"I am an endurance cyclist. Shortly after I started taking NutraStem Active®, I performed the Six Gap Event which was 108 miles and approximately 13,000 feet of climbing in one day. This was only my second time riding this event and I was able to complete it 1 hour faster than last year. I am certain that my daily dosage of NutraStem Active® contributed to my recovery time and lack of soreness following this event."
Manny, University Bicycle Center, Tampa, FL

Increased My Workout Stamina

"I’m a member of a competitive racquetball league and before taking NutraStem Active® I would typically not play two days in a row due to muscle soreness and fatigue...after taking NutraStem Active® my workouts jumped from 1 hour and 15 minutes to 2 hours and I more often than not feel like playing the very next day."
- Will R.

Post Workout Soreness Went Away

"After joining a college Triathlon team I was constantly sore and worn out due to the workouts...I decided to add NutraStem Active® to my nutrition regimen. I’m so glad that I post workout soreness went away and I was able to train harder than ever, even placing 2nd in my first competition!"
- E. Rose

Longer More Productive Workouts

"I have been an avid weight lifter for a long time, but have reached a plateau where I can’t keep the intensity going in my workouts, as well as experiencing more joint and muscle aches. I started taking NutraStem Active® and within days my stiffness was virtually gone and my workouts were longer and more productive."
- T. Amore