Nutrastem® Product FAQ

What is NutraStem® and how does it work?

NutraStem® products contain a patented blend of natural plant and fruit extracts with Vitamin D3 (NT-020) to boost the body’s own adult stem cells, which repair the body and support a strong immune system. The patented, base formulation of NT-020 contains Green Tea Extract, Blueberry Extract, L-Carnosine, and Vitamin D3.

Adult Stem Cells – are in most tissues, and can develop into almost any cell type within the human body, so that they can replace or repair the damaged cells and restore the tissues or organs, as well as support the immune system. The problem arises in that adult stem cells must divide or replenish themselves to keep repairing tissues. However, as we age, the adult stem cells replenish themselves less, and they begin to lose their ability to maintain and repair tissues, and the immune system becomes weaker and more subseptible.

Patented Adult Stem Cell Technology – Natura's team of scientists discovered 4 ingredients, when combined together at just the right dose, had natural synergy and helped adult stem cells proliferate or replenish. This formulation is NT-020 and is now commercially available in NutraStem® products. (Bickford et al., 2006; Stem Cells & Development)

Should consumers take the suggested dose in the am or pm, and can the dose be split or separated (i.e. one capsule in the morning and one in the evening)?

Natura recommends the suggested dose, which is two capsules per day for both NutraStem Cardio® and NutraStem Active®. However, the suggested dose for NutraStem Bone & Joint® is four capsules per day. The preferred dosing to achieve maximum benefit is the suggested dose at one time per day and that is usually in the morning as all the products contain a moderate amount of caffeine from the green tea extract.

Can NutraStem® Products be taken with a multivitamin?

Yes, NutraStem® Cardio and Active may be taken in conjunction with a multivitamin as the only vitamin within these products is Vitamin D3. However, please note that NutraStem® products contain the RDA of Vitamin D3 (2000 IU) for most age groups. Therefore, it is beneficial to bring this to the consumer's attention so that they are aware of the amount of Vitamin D3 that they are consuming on a daily basis.

Are NutraStem® products gluten free?

Yes, NutraStem® products are gluten free and contain NO yeast, wheat, corn, milk, egg, soy, artificial colors or flavors, added sugar, starch, or preservatives.

Do NutraStem® products contain caffeine?

NutraStem® products contain a moderate amount of caffeine as green tea extract is one of the ingredients within the proprietary formulation. The caffeine within NutraStem® products ONLY comes from the natural green tea extract, and NO additional caffeine has been added.

Are there any known contraindications with medications?

Natura has received no reports from consumers of any contraindications. However, it is Natura's policy to strongly suggest that each consumer consult with their health care professional and/or physician prior to taking any dietary supplement so that that professional can advise them appropriately on whether there are any contraindications based on that consumer's medical treatment.

Can NutraStem® products be combined?

Although we suggest taking one NutraStem® product at a time, we have had consumers report that they combine the products. For example, one consumer takes one capsule of NutraStem Active® and one capsule of NutraStem Cardio® – suggested dose of each is 2 capsules). However, it is NOT suggested that the consumer exceed the daily dose recommended.

Since the proprietary formulation of NutraStem® contains specific concentrations of blueberry extract, green tea extract, Vitamin D3, and L-carnosine, can these ingredients also be ingested while taking NutraStem®?

Yes, Natura encourages a healthy diet and exercise while taking NutraStem® products. The eating or drinking of the ingredients should not interfere with the benefits of NutraStem®.

Are NutraStem® products vegan or vegetarian?

No, NutraStem® products are not vegan. The formulation of NutraStem® is vegetarian; however, NutraStem® is encapsulated in gelatin capsules that are NOT vegetarian.

Are the ingredients with NutraStem® product water soluble?

Most of the ingredients with NutraStem® products are water soluble, with the exception of Vitamin D3.

Safety & Efficacy - Human Studies using NutraStem®:

Recently, Natura study conducted a double-blind placebo controlled study at the University of South Florida. NutraStem Cardio® or placebo was given daily to a total of 105 participants, with an average age of 73, for 2 months. Although several measures of cognitive function were tested, it was the Identical Pictures and Number Comparison tests and analyses that displayed the most significant findings. Both the Identical Pictures and Number Comparison tests were timed tests (90 seconds) in which participants were either given pictures to match in 90 seconds or numbers to match in 90 seconds. These tests specially identified processing speed or decision making skills which is a higher level of cognitive functioning. Results from these tests showed that 52 participants taking NutraStem Cardio® displayed significant improvement in processing speed versus the 53 participants taking placebo. In the Identical Pictures matching test, participants actually showed a 13% improvement in processing speed or decision making skills. (Small et al., 2013; Rejuvenation Research)

This study was an IND (FDA – investigative new drug) and approved Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol.