Nutrastem Bone & Joint

Your body has natural adult stem cells throughout. These adult stem cells are your Stem Cell System™.

Your Stem Cell System™...


the body


healthy tisses


a strong immune system


Decreases Stem Cells - NutraStem Cardio Vitamins

Our Stem Cell System™ ages just like we do.

Aging Stem Cells:

  • Are decreased in number
  • Lose their ability to repair tissues
  • No longer support a strong immune system

NutraStem Cardio - Natural Ingredients That Work

Natural Ingredients Boost Stem Cells - Scientifically Proven

Over 100 natural ingredients were tested and we found that 4 ingredients had potent synergy and increased adult stem cells: Blueberry, Green Tea Extract, L-carnosine and Vitamin D3.

Published Results

J. Neuroinflammation (2008)


Science shows that Apigenin, one of the active ingredients found in NutraStem® Bone and Joint™, decreases inflammation by about 40%.

Nutrastem Bone and Joint Improves Growth of Stem Cell