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Natura Therapeutics’ Line of Products Available Nationwide at Kroger Supermarkets


TAMPA, Fla. – Natura Therapeutics, Inc., has announced that retail grocery chain Kroger is a supplier partner for distributorship for the company’s line of products. NutraStem Cardio®, NutraStem Active® and NutraStem Bone & Joint® are now available for purchase in approximately 800 Kroger stores in the natural foods section in cities throughout Arizona, Indiana, Colorado, Tennessee and Washington State.

“We are so excited to have our products available in a respected grocery chain like Kroger,” said Cyndy D. Sanberg, Ph.D., president of Natura Therapeutics. “Since our products utilize all natural ingredients, the inclusion of our NutraStem® line in the natural foods section is a perfect fit.”

According to Sanberg, Natura Therapeutics provides high-quality dietary supplements developed by leading scientific experts in the fields of nutritional neuroscience and adult stem cell therapies. The company’s patented formulation of natural ingredients— blueberry extract, green tea extract, L-Carnosine, and Vitamin D3— have natural synergy and help human adult stem cells replenish.

“As we age our adult stem cells decrease in number and lose their ability to maintain a healthy immune system,” said Paula C. Bickford, Ph.D., co-founder of Natura Therapeutics. “Our products can help target and improve these adult stems cells, which are responsible for repair.”

Natura Therapeutics, a University of South Florida (USF) spin out company, has exclusively licensed the NutraStem® technology used in its line of products from USF. The majority of the company’s research is conducted at USF in Tampa.

“Having our products in Kroger’s natural foods section targets consumers who seek to manage and maintain their health naturally,” said Sanberg.

Natura Therapeutics is currently developing a body shape management product, NutraStem Slim®, which they expect to bring to market in 2014.

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