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Adult stem cell products developed at University of South Florida offer natural approach to tissue repair and healthy aging


TAMPA, Fla. (June 7, 2013) – Natura Therapeutics, Inc., a spin-out company from the University of South Florida in Tampa, has developed a product line of all-natural, FDA-compliant dietary supplements based on a patented formulation called NutraStem®.

The products are backed by published scientific research showing that NutraStem® promotes the growth and vitality of human adult stem cells, which are responsible for repair of tissues and support of the immune system.

"NutraStem® products are unique because they target the Stem Cell SystemTM of the body and help the body repair itself," said Cyndy D. Sanberg, Ph.D., president of Natura. "Many people are unaware that we have adult stem cells within the body and that keeping these cells healthy can greatly benefit our overall health.

"As we age, our adult stem cells decrease in number and lose their ability to repair tissues and maintain a healthy immune system. Our research focuses on natural elements of our diet that may protect those cells," said Sanberg.

Natura has three commercially available products, NutraStem Active®, NutraStem Cardio®, and their latest product, NutraStem Bone & Joint®. They are currently developing a weight management product that will be launched in the fall of 2013.

Natura ( was founded by scientists from USF Tampa and is a science-based company that is committed to developing high quality dietary supplements. The company's products are researched and developed by their team of leading experts in the fields of nutritional science and adult stem cell research. Products are sold worldwide and include distributors in the UK, France, South Korea, Taiwan, and China.

"Increasingly, consumers are seeking to manage their health with natural alternatives," said Sanberg. "Because it advances adult stem cell proliferation, NutraStem® is one more way health conscious individuals may maintain a healthy lifestyle."


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